will stores ever restock toilet paper

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Toilet paper flows from paper mills to retail stores through a tight, efficient supply chain. Toilet paper is bulky and not very profitable, so retailers don鈥檛 keep a lot of inventory on hand;they just get frequent shipments and restock their shelves.

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  • Is there toilet paper in stock at the supermarket?

  • Besides, other stores may have toilet paper in stock, it is just not newsworthy to post images of full shelves at the supermarket. Such panic buying happens every now and then, as for example during Hurricane Catharina.

  • What happens if you buy too many rolls of toilet paper?

  • If a few people buy more, the stock in the supermarket will run out. There are reports of people buying four hundred rolls (around nine months鈥?of supply for a family of four), or even all the toilet paper in multiple stores for reselling. Here鈥檚 an interview with a guy that did the same thing with hand sanitizer.

  • Why didn’t toilet paper companies flood stores with more toilet paper?

  • Companies couldn’t quickly flood stores with more toilet paper because their processes were never designed to respond surges in demand, he said. Rather, they were designed to be steady, cheap and efficient to make the most of a product with a low profit margin, he said.

  • Is it easy to manage the toilet-paper supply chain?

  • Hence, it is usually easy to establish pull along the toilet-paper supply chain. The fewer fluctuations you have along your supply chain, the easier it is to manage the supply chain.

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