will stores ever restock toilet paper

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Toilet paper flows from paper mills to retail stores through a tight, efficient supply chain. Toilet paper is bulky and not very profitable, so retailers don鈥檛 keep a lot of inventory on hand;they just get frequent shipments and restock their shelves.

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  • Why is there no more toilet paper in stores?

  • Because the paper products we use at work and home differ, and because people suddenly began working at home en masse, retail stocks of toilet paper for at-home use quickly vanished, he said. Companies couldn’t quickly flood stores with more toilet paper because their processes were never designed to respond surges in demand, he said.

  • How often does Kroger sell toilet paper?

  • Kroger, the nation鈥檚 biggest grocery chain, said most of its stores are now getting truckloads of paper products every day or every other day. Kroger and other retailers have also established limits on the amount of toilet paper people can buy at one time. WHEN WILL THINGS GET BACK TO NORMAL?

  • Do people really steal toilet paper rolls?

  • No. Commercial toilet paper uses a different kind of pulp and is produced on different machines. Many institutional rolls are intentionally larger, so cleaning staff don鈥檛 have to refill them as often and people don鈥檛 steal them, Luke said. Plusher toilet paper for home use also has different packaging requirements, Garfield said.

  • Did stay-at-home orders drive up consumption of toilet paper?

  • In the wake of stay-at-home orders, there was a shift in consumption from a mixture of at-work and at-home consumption of things like toilet paper, to nearly 100 percent at-home, Swinney said in a live discussion on Fuqua’s LinkedIn page (see video).

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