why is toilet paper running out again

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  • Why do people panic when they run out of toilet paper?

  • (Then again, people in confusing and dire situations don鈥檛 always act rationally.) For whatever reason, toilet paper became the thing that everyone was worried they would run out of, so people stocked up. Then, stores really did run out of toilet paper, which made people panic even more.

  • Why are people stocking up on toilet paper again?

  • So why are people stocking up again? The delta variant may be to blame, according to Business Insider. Americans are stockpiling products because of the surge in the variant with the fall and winter seasons right around the corner. Toilet paper has appeared to be a hot commodity during the pandemic.

  • Will we ever run out of toilet paper?

  • We haven’t completely run out of TP (yet). But if we do, just remember: You will not die because you don’t have toilet paper. Many people do without! You can simply use water to clean yourself up, and no, you don’t need to invest in a bidet.

  • Why is there a shortage of toilet paper in stores?

  • Fear may be a driving factor. If people see everyone is buying toilet paper out of worry for a coronavirus variant, then more people will flock to the stores to buy more, too. This will then create empty shelves.

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