why did toilet paper shortage happen

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  • How much did retail toilet paper demand swell in March?

  • Meanwhile, retail toilet paper demand swelled to unforeseen heights in March, with $1.45 billion in toilet paper sales in the four-week period ending March 29, up 112% from a year earlier, according to IRI, a Chicago-based market research firm.

  • Is there a toilet paper shortage in the UK?

  • The United Kingdom has experienced similar shortages, leading consumers to purchase toilet paper substitutes (at the risk of the sewage system), and an Australian newspaper went so far as to print eight blank pages in a recent issue to be used in case of emergency for, you guessed it, toilet paper.

  • Why is there no more toilet paper in stores?

  • Because the paper products we use at work and home differ, and because people suddenly began working at home en masse, retail stocks of toilet paper for at-home use quickly vanished, he said. Companies couldn’t quickly flood stores with more toilet paper because their processes were never designed to respond surges in demand, he said.

  • Why are toilet paper shelves so empty?

  • Experts say empty store shelves also are caused by a fundamental shift in demand for a certain kind of toilet paper for use at home, as well as kinks in the supply chain between factories and stores. Yet there is hope: Two of the main ingredients used to make toilet paper 鈥?paper fiber and water 鈥?are in strong supply.

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