who makes toilet paper

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Toilet paper,also commonly referred to as toilet tissue or bathroom tissue,is mainly produced by three companies in the United States:Proctor Gamble,Kimberly Clark,and Georgia-Pacific,which produce brands such as Angel Soft and Quilted Northern. These companies sell the vast majority – 80% – of toilet paper on the market.

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  • Who are the top toilet paper manufacturers?

  • Top Suppliers of Toilet Paper Toilet paper, also commonly referred to as toilet tissue or bathroom tissue, is mainly produced by three companies in the United States: Proctor Gamble, Georgia-Pacific, and Kimberly Clark. These companies sell 80% of toilet paper in the market.

  • Where does American toilet paper come from?

  • The New York Times claims that most American toilet paper comes from North America, with about 10 percent imported from India and China. America has a strong domestic production of toilet paper, so imports count for only a small percentage of US toilet paper. The largest toilet paper suppliers in America likely to supply Costco are:

  • What company makes Tento toilet paper?

  • It offers consumer toilet tissue under multiple brands including Tento, Mola, and Lambi, as well as commercial toilet paper under its Katrin brand. Hengan is headquartered in Jinjiang City, China. The company offers personal care products including toilet paper, feminine hygiene and baby products, tissue paper, and other products.

  • Who makes Kirkland toilet paper?

  • Although Kirkland keeps it a secret, several sources say that Clearwater Paper Corporation is one of the major producers of Kirkland鈥檚 toilet paper. Regardless of who the producer is, Kirkland is selling billions of toilet paper rolls every year.

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