who is papa pilgrim

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Robert Allen Hale

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  • What was Papa Pilgrim like in real life?

  • Like a charismatic cult leader, Pilgrim could appear charming and persuasive in public, but there was another side of Papa Pilgrim, and this was the side his family saw all too often. No one knew of the horrors the Pilgrim family endured at the hands of their father, high on the mountain above McCarthy Alaska.

  • Where did Papa Pilgrim live in Alaska?

  • Robert Hale served as midwife at the births of all fifteen of his children. The family homesteaded, homeschooled (although little education took place), and lived in isolation in the Sangre de Cristo mountains of New Mexico until 1998, when Hale, who began calling himself Papa Pilgrim, moved his wife and children to Alaska.

  • Who is the oldest of the Pilgrim family?

  • Elishaba Doerksen, oldest of 15 Pilgrim Family siblings, has written a book about the abuse she suffered at the hands of her father, Robert Hale, known as Papa Pilgrim. (Photo courtesy of Elishaba Doerksen) Editor鈥檚 note : This interview contains accounts of sexual violence and childhood sexual abuse.

  • How many children did Papa Pilgrim have?

  • Robert Allen Hale鈥攁.k.a. Papa Pilgrim鈥攂ought a homestead outside the remote town of McCarthy where he imprisoned his family and conned the world with tales of a simpler life. But for the 15 children living the nightmare, the only choice was escape.

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