who is papa jim to danny

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Danny Duncan鈥檚 grandfather

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  • Is Papa Jim from Papa Jim and Danny Duncan dead?

  • YouTuber Danny Duncan has won the hearts of millions with his antics alongside close friend Papa Jim, but online trolls spoil the party every so often by spreading false news that the pensioner has died. Last night, Duncan shared an Instagram video saying that Jim is 鈥渁live and well.鈥?Who is Danny Duncan?

  • Who is Papa Jim and why is he famous?

  • Papa Jim was an Internet personality, known for his antics on Danny Duncan鈥檚 YouTube videos. It could be skinny dipping or quad biking, he always added an edge to it.

  • What happened to Jim dad?

  • Rumors of his death because of Danny Duncan YouTube host Danny Duncan and his close friend Jim Dad won the hearts of millions with antics, but internet trolls spread fake news about the death of retirees from time to time, thus ruining the party. Last night, Duncan shared a video on Instagram, saying that Jim was 鈥渓iving well.鈥?Who is Danny Duncan?

  • Who was Papa Jim and is he related to Duncan Robinson?

  • Papa Jim was a prankster who would do everything from skinny dipping to quad biking on Duncan’s massively popular channel. But while it may have seemed he was related to the YouTube star, he was in fact the grandad of Duncan’s assistant, David Tomchinsky.

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