who is papa jim to danny

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David Tomchinsky

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  • Who is Danny Duncan鈥檚 鈥楶apa Jim鈥?

  • Who is Papa Jim? Papa Jim is a man in his nineties who often appears in Danny Duncan鈥檚 YouTube videos, getting up to all sorts of antics, from skinny dipping to quad biking.

  • Who is Papa Jim and why is he famous?

  • Papa Jim was an Internet personality, known for his antics on Danny Duncan鈥檚 YouTube videos. It could be skinny dipping or quad biking, he always added an edge to it.

  • Who was Papa Jim and is he related to Duncan Robinson?

  • Papa Jim was a prankster who would do everything from skinny dipping to quad biking on Duncan’s massively popular channel. But while it may have seemed he was related to the YouTube star, he was in fact the grandad of Duncan’s assistant, David Tomchinsky.

  • Who is Papa Jim Tomchinsky?

  • The name might suggest that he is a relative of Duncan, however as a general rule he is the granddad of a dear companion of YouTuber David Tomchinsky, who is Duncan鈥檚 leader aide/virtual entertainment chief. Papa Jim died, and the news has been circulated on the social media platform.

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