where to mount toilet paper holder

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Height Placement. According to the NKBA,a wall-mounted toilet paper holder works best if installed 26 inches above the floor,on center.Distance From Toilet. The other important measurement is that it should be placed eight to 12 inches,on center,from the toilet to the facing wall.Final Option. If you are unable to permanently wall mount or cabinet mount a dispenser within these optimal measurements,consider a free-standing dispenser.

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  • How far should a toilet paper holder be from the toilet?

  • According to Home Rises, installing a toilet paper holder 8 to 12 inches from the edge of the toilet seat and 26 inches off the floor is usually sufficient. That means it’s often too much of a reach to install a toilet paper holder on the wall opposite the toilet.

  • How do you add toilet paper to a toilet seat?

  • Add toilet paper and the spring-loaded paper holder. Take a roll of toilet paper and slide the central cardboard tube over the paper holder. Then, squeeze both sides of the paper holder inward and position the paper holder between the two roller holders.

  • How do you hang toilet paper rollers on a wall?

  • Next, drill holes for the screws, screw the brackets into the wall, and hang the roller holders on the brackets. Finally, put a roll of toilet paper on the spring-loaded paper holder and put it between the roller holders. For more tips, like how to install any set screws included with your holder, scroll down!

  • How do I hide the toilet paper holder?

  • Or, get a free-standing holder, and place it behind and on the right. The toilet paper holder needs to go on the left (if you were sitting on the toilet) on that little white tiled wall so that when you walk into the room you don’t see it. It’s hidden from plain view behind the wall and can only be seen when you’re in the toilet area.

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