where to get paper rolls for coins

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  • Where can I get coin rolls?

  • The coin rolls are usually free at the bank but you may need to be a customer at that bank. Drop in and ask them for the rolls in the denominations you need. Be aware that in some cases you may need to order certain denominations if they鈥檙e not readily available. Thanks!

  • Where can I get coin wrappers?

  • Acquire coin wrappers. Banks usually give these cylindrical wrappers out for free, at least in the United States and in countries that use the euro as currency, and they are also available for purchase at some supermarkets. The wrappers may be made out of paper or transparent plastic, and come in a different size for each type of coin.

  • How do you identify coin roll wrappers?

  • The labeling should be clear, that way you know exactly which wrapper is for which coin. Ideally they should also be color coded so orange are quarters, green are dimes, blue are nickels, and red are pennies. Big font is important too because you want to be able to identify your coin rolls from a distance. Many packages will include penny wrappers.

  • Where can I buy half dollar rolls?

  • You can’t find half-dollar rolls at retail stores so you need to get them online or at coin shops. Coin wrappers are great to have on hand and they also make good gifts for coin collectors. If you can find them at your local dollar store then that’s your best option.

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