when should i get a pap smear

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  • What is the best age to get a Pap smear?

  • At what age should you get a pap smear? In general, it鈥檚 recommended that women start getting Pap tests at age 21. Once you turn 21, you should have a Pap test every three years.

  • How often should a Pap smear test be repeated?

  • How often should a Pap smear be repeated? Doctors generally recommend repeating Pap testing every three years for women ages 21 to 65. Women age 30 and older can consider Pap testing every five years if the procedure is combined with testing for HPV. Or they might consider HPV testing instead of the Pap test.

  • Why would a doctor order a Pap smear?

  • Why it’s done. A Pap smear is used to screen for cervical cancer. The Pap smear is usually done in conjunction with a pelvic exam. In women older than age 30, the Pap test may be combined with a test for human papillomavirus (HPV) 鈥?a common sexually transmitted infection that can cause cervical cancer.

  • Is a Pap smear the same as an annual exam?

  • 鈥淲omen shouldn鈥檛 confuse the Pap smear with their annual exam,鈥?Sulak said. 鈥淎 Pap smear is part of the annual. In fact, most gynecologists recommend having a Pap smear every three years if their patients鈥?previous tests were normal.鈥?鈥淭here is nothing magical about yearly exams if none of your tests were abnormal,鈥?Sulak continued.

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