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Fire Pits

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  • How to burn paper in a fire?

  • First, select a place to burn the paper. It can be a fire barrel or a spot suitable for lighting a bonfire. Next, make a fire using little dry wood sticks and place the paper on it. Try to put the papers in the fire little by little to avoid blocking the fire鈥檚 aeration.

  • Is it OK to burn paper outside?

  • As long as you follow safety procedures, such as using a fire pit and keeping a fire extinguisher on hand, it is generally okay to burn paper outside. However, avoid burning glossy or printed paper, such as magazines or giftwrap, since the inks used in this type of paper can release toxic fumes.

  • What is the best time of day to burn paper?

  • The best day for burning paper documents is on a calm day when there鈥檚 not too much wind and definitely when there鈥檚 no rain because that would lead to the fire getting extinguished. Wind could also put out your fire or blow some of the papers away, which is not very good especially if you have neighbors close by.

  • Can you burn paper in a burn cage?

  • If you have some spare cash and want to make sure that the fire you鈥檙e using to burn papers won鈥檛 spread, try using a burn cage. Burn cages are ventilated steel boxes roughly 3 feet (0.91 m) high that can be used to burn a variety of materials. If you鈥檙e planning to burn paper regularly, use a burn cage.

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