what is paper clay

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Paper clay is acheap, handy sculpting materialmade from toilet paper, glue, and a few other hardware store supplies. It’s used in place of paper mache strips for a smoother, more realistic finish. Paper clay only takes about five minutes to make, and it air-dries into a hard, detailed surface you can paint.

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  • What is paper clay used for?

  • These fibers create a very strong and versatile clay that is also lightweight. It’s perfect for building ceramics of any size, including very large pieces that would be extremely heavy with standard clay. You can buy ready-mixed paper clay at any good ceramics store or make it yourself. Paper clay is made by mixing regular clay with paper pulp.

  • How long does paper clay last?

  • Pulp up the paper with the blender until it is broken down completely. This will store in an air tight container in the fridge for 2-3 weeks. NOTE: because we use flour and not glue, their is a unique smell to this DIY paper clay. But it is an organic, natural smell.. once you have painted your work and once it is fully dry it will pass.

  • What is the difference between Clay and paper clay?

  • Made with shredded paper and clay, paper clay is very strong and very lightweight. It allows you to create larger pieces that you might not have been able to make with heavy clay. Paper clay is popularly used for hand-building. While you can throw paper clay, it doesn鈥檛 have as much stretch as regular clay.

  • Can you make paper clay from scraps of clay?

  • If you are throwing with regular clay, you can make paper clay with any scraps of clay that are leftover. It鈥檚 fairly easy to make your own paper clay. As a general rule, if you鈥檙e making a lighter piece of work, then you will add less paper.

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