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  • Who is the founder of Papé?

  • Current: Our Company At Pap, our roots reach back to 1938 when our founder, E.C. Pap, acquired his first capital equipment dealership in Oregon鈥檚 Willamette Valley. E.C Pap鈥檚 reputation for customer service and dependability spread, and the family-owned business began to grow and prosper.

  • What does Pape mean?

  • Freebase(0.00 / 0 votes)Rate this definition: Pape is a station on the Bloor鈥揇anforth line of the subway system in Toronto, Canada.

  • Why work at Papé?

  • When you join Pap, you become more than an employee鈥搚ou become a part of the team. Since 1938, the Pap team has been dedicated to providing superior service for our customers by consistently treating them as we would want to be treated. While our products fall under equipment sales, at our core we are a 鈥減eople business.鈥?/div>pape.com – Pap | Capital Equipment, Rentals, Parts Service

  • Where does Papé have locations?

  • From Spokane to Salinas, Bellingham to Bakersfield, you鈥檙e never far from your Pap support team. With over 140 locations across California, Nevada, Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Montana and Alaska鈥攁nd with knowledgeable and experienced team members available 24/7鈥擯ap is accessible wherever and whenever you need us. Why Come to Work at Pap?

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