what is hard paper

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  • What is a hard copy of a document?

  • Hard copy. Alternatively referred to as a paper copy, a hard copy is any information that is printed on paper. Hard copies allow data to be read without the need of a computer and are often required when someone needs to sign a document.

  • What is paper?

  • A general term used to describe paper between 40 g/m 2 and 57 g/m 2 generally used in the publication of newspapers. The furnish is largely mechanical wood pulp with some chemical wood pulp.

  • What are the characteristics of paper?

  • The Paper having a uniform surface and no discernible marks. Soft, smooth finish, most widely used writing, printing, book and envelope paper. Relatively low opacity, brightness and bulk.

  • What is a paperboard?

  • A homogeneous board made usually of mixed waste papers with or without screenings and mechanical pulp on a continuous board machine, in thickness less then 1 mm. Paperboard which has been treated or laminated to provide resistance to the penetration of greasy or oily substances.

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