what is a conference paper

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What is a Conference Paper? A conference isa place where research articles are presented by scholars,researchers,experts,and professionals after carrying out research studies. Conference papers are short and precise documents with a smaller number of pages. Researchers present the data of their research studies through conference papers.

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  • What is the difference between journal paper and conference paper?

  • Unlike a journal paper or a term paper, a conference paper is an article presented at a conference. Before the presentation, however, either the paper鈥檚 abstract or full manuscript has to be submitted to the conference organizer for review and subsequent approval for presentation.

  • What is the format of a conference paper?

  • Academic conferences have various formats, but in English, the default mode is a series of panels in which 2鈥? scholars deliver presentations and then respond to comments and queries. A conference paper is the text for one of these presentations. The presentation length for our BYU English Symposium is 15 minutes, or around 7 pages of text.

  • What happens at a conference paper presentation?

  • Typically, conference papers are published in collections of research papers called 鈥減roceedings鈥? During a conference, authors get an opportunity to present, discuss and receive valuable feedback from the experts and the other researchers that suggestions can be used to expand the conference paper into a high quality journal paper.

  • What is the purpose of conferences?

  • So coming back to the response, let us first understand what a conference is. A conference is a place where eminent researchers are physically present to discuss and present their research specific to their field. Researchers submit their papers to a conference according to specific guidelines and timeline specified by particular conferences.

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