what happened to aurora toilet paper

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  • What happened to Colored toilet paper?

  • Sometime around the 鈥?0s, colored toilet paper began to disappear from the shelves. Toilet Paper World quotes someone called the Toilet Paper King on a few potential reasons for its decline.

  • Who played Aurora in the toilet paper commercials?

  • Although Frank Oz performed the character in a test commercial, Jane Henson played the hand in the subsequent spots. The glove would glide across unrolling toilet paper, while a female voice-over described the beauty or comfort advantages of Aurora, depending on the spot.

  • Who made the Aurora bath tissue commercial in 1966?

  • Aurora Bath Tissue commercial produced by Jim Henson in 1966. Aurora Bath Tissue was a brand from the American Can Company, touted for its softness, beauty, and delicate scent.

  • What happened to the Aurora?

  • In 1998 the Aurora suffered an engine room fire. Seabird ecologist Barbara Wienecke was asleep in her cabin when the fire alarm went off. It is really hard to comprehend that this is actually not a dream and it is really happening. We are miles from absolutely everywhere. It is in the middle of winter in Antarctica and your ship is on fire.

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