what do you use parchment paper for

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Non-stick baking

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  • Why use parchment paper for baking?

  • Others tend to have hot and cool areas that result in baking issues. Using parchment paper creates a thin airy layer between the baking sheet and the paper that helps regulate the temperature, and neutralize hot spots.

  • Can you use parchment paper to line a cake pan?

  • Lining Cake Pans. Parchment paper is typically the size of a baking sheet, since that is how so many people use it, but you can easily use it in other baking pans. A trick for lining cake pans is to place the pan on the paper and draw a circle with a sharpie pen.

  • Can you put sprinkles on parchment paper?

  • After you鈥檝e finished decorating things, simply throw away the parchment paper. For extra help containing those sprinkles, lay the parchment paper on a baking sheet that has an edge around it. That way the sprinkles will stay on the parchment paper and in the baking sheet, no matter what.

  • Can I use parchment paper instead of wax paper?

  • It can be used in the oven to reheat breads and other foods. The good news is that parchment paper has some of the great characteristics that wax paper and foil wrap do not have. It is heat resistant, AND non stick, so it is the paper that I use most often in the kitchen. Frugal Tip: Parchment paper can often be used more than one time.

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