what are paper white flowers

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Daffodil family, Narcissus tazetta

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  • What is a Paperwhite flower?

  • Paperwhite flowers are perennial bulbous flowering plants native to the Mediterranean. The botanical name for Paperwhites is Narcissus papyraceus, which translates to the paper-like daffodil. Most varieties have pure white flower petals, a white corona, and a small amount of yellow showing in the center stamens of the flower.

  • What is a Paperwhite Daffodil?

  • Paperwhites are members of the daffodil family, Narcissus tazetta. Rising up to 10-18 in. (25-45 cm), Paperwhite daffodils produce clusters of small white, yellow, or orange flowers which make beautiful cut flowers.

  • Are paperwhites easy to grow?

  • The Paperwhite flower (Narcissus papyraceus) is a Mediterranean daffodil with dainty white flowers. These flowering bulbs are most commonly planted indoors during the cooler months of the year. Paperwhite bulbs are low-maintenance, needing only a bit of water to sprout up and flower.

  • How long does it take for paperwhites to bloom?

  • Inside each paperwhite bulb is everything that鈥檚 needed to produce a living bouquet of beautiful flowers. Simply put the bulbs in a container, add water, and they’ll be blooming in just 3 to 4 weeks. If you plant a few bulbs each month you’ll be able to enjoy fresh flowers all winter long.

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