is toilet paper bad for septic tanks

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  • What toilet paper is bad for septic systems?

  • Three-ply and quilted toilet papers are the worst for plumbing in septic systems. They can cause serious plumbing problems and make you spend a lot on repairs. Three-ply or ultra-plush toilet rolls are also dangerous for septic systems.

  • Can you put toilet paper in your plumbing?

  • This is particularly true if your home has a septic system or old pipes. Putting thick, plush toilet paper products into your plumbing system can cost a lot of money in clogs in the long run.

  • Are recycled toilet rolls safe for septic systems?

  • Recycled toilet rolls are safe for septic systems, not because they disintegrate more easily than non-recycled products. But they are safe because they don鈥檛 contain harsh chemicals, like bleach that topple the balance in septic systems. Harsh chemicals can kill the microbiomes in your septic system and render it ineffective.

  • Can you use dye toilet paper in a septic tank?

  • If you find dyed toilet paper, it is best to go with the traditional white color so as not to harm the bacteria inside the septic tank. If you have been using one of the previously mentioned toilet papers, you should opt for a different type instead. Switching to a different toilet paper can help to save you money in the long run.

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