is papa john’s open thanksgiving

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According to the PR rep we spoke to,Papa John鈥檚 will be open on Thanksgiving Day, but their is a caveat to that answer. With many locations being franchises, they have the option to close their doors on the holiday. And if they are dealing with staffing issues, they may choose to stay closed on November 25.

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  • Is Papa Johns open on holidays?

  • They aren’t open for all holidays, though. Below you will find a list of the holiday schedule for Papa Johns and any special hours they have. Certain locations may choose to change these hours at their discretion.

  • How long does it take to order pizza from Papa Johns?

  • Pizza Restaurant Franchise Papa Johns takes around 15- 20 Minutes for carryout process. The Status will change from 鈥淥rder in鈥?to Ready within this time and you need not wait for longer durations. Is Papa Johns Open on Sunday?

  • What restaurants are open on Thanksgiving Day 2019?

  • McDonald’s: Hours will vary based on location, however, most McDonald’s will be open for Thanksgiving. Mountain Mike’s Pizza: Hours are going to vary by location, but some spots will be open.

  • Does Papa Johns have a mobile app?

  • Your local Papa Johns has got all the pizza deals 鈥攆ind coupons, discounts and more with our mobile app and get the meals you love at even better prices! By using the app, you can order anywhere, anytime from any of our 5,000+ locations; we can have your food ready for pickup right away or schedule it ahead of time for your next event.

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