is it safe to use scented toilet paper

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Since coloured or scented toilet papers can also be used to wipe clean the rectal area,the chemicals can irritate this sensitive region andcan cause infections. 4. Cervical Cancer Research studies have detected the presence of certain carcinogens in coloured and scented toilet paper,which can lead to cervical cancer.

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  • Is scented toilet paper bad for You?

  • Wiping with something that smells like peaches just seems strange. Scented toilet paper does not do the job any better than regular unscented toilet paper. Is scented toilet paper bad for your health?

  • Is it safe to use colored toilet paper?

  • Terry’s Plumbing explains that several negative health consequences have been discovered for those using colored toilet paper, which is a huge contributing factor to its fall in popularity. Wiping synthetic dyes where you usually use toilet paper may come with a wide variety of health risks.

  • Can toilet paper cause yeast infection?

  • Yeast Infection. Especially in women, the chemicals in coloured and scented toilet paper can lead to the growth of fungus in the vaginal area, causing yeast infection that can lead to itching, smelly discharge and cramps.

  • Can toilet paper cause urethral infections?

  • The chemicals present in scented and coloured toilet papers can get into the urethra, through the genital opening when used for wiping, causing infections and inflammation. 2. Yeast Infection

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