is auto history paper legit

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  • Is it a scam to ask for a vehicle history report?

  • If you are selling your car or truck, a potential buyer may ask to see a vehicle history report. It鈥檚 usually a reasonable request, but it鈥檚 also the premise of a current scam. BBB Scam Tracker is receiving reports of a con that tricks sellers into purchasing vehicle reports through scam sites.

  • What information can be found on a vehicle history report?

  • Information about the status of the vehicle, such as whether it鈥檚 been classified as 鈥渏unk,鈥?鈥渟alvage鈥?or 鈥渇lood鈥?Reports of the vehicle being transferred or sold to an auto recycler, junk yard, or salvage yard In Canada, the Insurance Bureau of Canada, the national insurance industry association, offers vehicle history reports.

  • Who can use AutoCheck vehicle history?

  • Auto insurers can use AutoCheck vehicle history information throughout their business. Insurance applications include policy originations/renewals, fraud and claims investigations, total loss claims, and locating stolen vehicles.

  • Is AutoCheck Legit and safe?

  • See this screenshot below of the known and trusted who sells legitimate vehicle history reports, this is what you should expect from a legitimate business. You will see in the screen shot above from AutoCheck, their site is secure, they have the padlock, and they have the https, so you know your credit card is safe.

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