how to wrap a cylinder in wrapping paper

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To wrap a cylinder with paper, start bycutting a long strip of paper. Wind the strip around the cylinder, tucking in the ends as you go. To wrap a cylinder with fabric, cut a piece of fabric that is at least twice as long as the circumference of the cylinder.

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  • How to wrap a cylinder gift?

  • Measure and cut the paper. When you are wrapping a cylinder gift using the twisting method, you will need more wrapping paper. Start by placing the gift on the wrapping paper and make sure you have enough paper to circle the gift. Leave a inch of extra paper for overlap.

  • How do you wrap a cylindrical object?

  • Wrapping a square or rectangular shaped object is simple enough, but when wrapping a cylinder, many people aren’t sure what to do with the ends. Twisting and tying the ends up like a firecracker is one solution, but with a little extra patience you can wrap your cylindrical gift more neatly, like a professional.

  • How do you wrap a tube of wrapping paper?

  • Twist the paper at both ends. Grab the excess paper at either end of the tube and gently twist. You can can do this one end at a time for a more precise twist. Place a piece of tape around the twisted part of the wrapping paper to hold it in place. Fluff out the excess paper at the end to make the gift look similar to a candy wrapper.

  • How do you make a sack of wrapping paper?

  • Creating a Sack Place the gift in the center of the wrapping paper. This method works best for cylinder-shaped gifts that can be stood upright. Pull the opposite corners together. Grab the two opposite corners of wrapping paper and pull them together so that they meet over top of the gift. Pleat the paper.

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