how to weave with paper

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How to Weavewith PaperStrips Grab your two pieces of paper, your pencil, scissors, and ruler if you have one. First Piece of Paper(Base Paper) With your base piece of papervertical (long edge on the side) fold the top down to the bottom. This should meet the two short ends of the papertogether.

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  • What is paper weaving?

  • Paper weaving is created by lifting vertical (warp) strips in a particular order, and weaving in horizontal (weft) strips to make a pattern. There are hundreds of woven patterns that can be used with paper, from the simplest plain or basket weaves to more intricate twill, jacquard and multi-coloured patterns.

  • How do you weave with paper weaving strips?

  • Secure the paper weaving strips using tape at the top. Weave a strip of dark blue paper over and under each strip in turn. Then weave a pale blue strip, going under the first strip, over the second and so on. Repeat with dark blue and pale blue strips.

  • Can You weave with tissue paper?

  • Weaving with tissue paper and weaving with watercolor paper will provide you with drastically different results. While all weaving should be thought of as a pixelated image or pattern, this is exaggerated when it comes to paper. This is because the paper is flat and rectangular.

  • Does paper weave warp and weft?

  • Since paper is a free-standing weaving material there really is not a definite warp and weft. That being said, laying out either your horizontal or vertical strips first can make the weaving process a lot easier. You will want a flat surface that you won鈥檛 need access to before your weaving is finished.

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