how to weave paper

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Paper weavingUsing a cutting mat,craft knife and metal ruler,start by cutting your coloured and white papers lengthwise into 1cm strips (or you could use a paper guillotine).Lay your vertical strips of paper out,fairly close to each other. …Using the photos as a guide,start weaving your horizontal strips under or over the vertical strips as necessary.Continue row by row,then gently shuffle the strips into place and close any gaps once you鈥檝e finished.

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  • How do you make a simple paper weave?

  • 1 Cut paper. Cut paper into the desired shape and size of your paper weave picture. I cut mine into a an 8-inch square. 2 Fold the paper in half. Fold the paper in half. 3 Cut slits. Cut evenly-spaced slits (mine are about 1-inch wide) starting from the folded edge and stopping about 1 inch from the opposite edge.

  • Can You weave with tissue paper?

  • Weaving with tissue paper and weaving with watercolor paper will provide you with drastically different results. While all weaving should be thought of as a pixelated image or pattern, this is exaggerated when it comes to paper. This is because the paper is flat and rectangular.

  • How big is a strip of paper for weaving?

  • Weaving paper strips鈥? The strips you weave will be the width of your paper, approximately 8.5 inches long in this case and between 1/2鈥? 1鈥?wide. I recommend providing these strips already cut.

  • What is the difference between weaving and paper?

  • Weaving is fiber art and paper is fiber! Paper is an amazing material to use when you are weaving because it allows you so many more possibilities outside of the normal fibers that are associated with weaving. It is also a simple way to get some weaving in without the use of a loom.

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