how to weave paper

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Paper weavingUsing a cutting mat,craft knife and metal ruler,start by cutting your coloured and white papers lengthwise into 1cm strips (or you could use a paper guillotine).Lay your vertical strips of paper out,fairly close to each other. …Using the photos as a guide,start weaving your horizontal strips under or over the vertical strips as necessary.Continue row by row,then gently shuffle the strips into place and close any gaps once you鈥檝e finished.

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  • How do you weave with paper weaving strips?

  • Secure the paper weaving strips using tape at the top. Weave a strip of dark blue paper over and under each strip in turn. Then weave a pale blue strip, going under the first strip, over the second and so on. Repeat with dark blue and pale blue strips.

  • What is paper weaving?

  • Paper weaving is created by lifting vertical (warp) strips in a particular order, and weaving in horizontal (weft) strips to make a pattern. There are hundreds of woven patterns that can be used with paper, from the simplest plain or basket weaves to more intricate twill, jacquard and multi-coloured patterns.

  • How do you weave a Paper Heart?

  • How Do You Weave a Heart? Begin by printing off our heart templates. Then, cut along the black lines. Next, weave your paper strips over and under until all strips have been woven in. You could use a bit of glue to secure the ends, if you鈥檇 like. You could also add a bit of string to the top to hang your woven paper hearts.

  • How do you make a simple paper bag?

  • Cut the paper along the lines creating paper strips. Unfold both the base paper and the paper strips. Starting at the bottom of the paper weave a paper strip over and under through you base paper. The second strip will then weave the opposite of the first, so under and then over.

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