how to use chiyogami paper

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Immediatelypress down the chiyogami paper and smooth across the cover. Make sure to apply the paper as close to the spine as possible. Leave the paper to dry and then cut off excess paper around the edge using scissors or a craft knife.

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  • What is chiyogami paper?

  • These wonderfully, high quality, decorative patterns on paper, known as Chiyogami, also known as Yuzen, are silkscreened onto machinemade sheets of mixed kozo and sulphite. The striking colors, careful registration of screens and wide range of designs make these papers ideal for picture mats, books and box making as well as for wrapping paper.

  • What factors affect the price of Japanese chiyogami paper?

  • The price for purchased Japanese Chiyogami papers will vary according to factors such as the weight of the base paper, the number of colors in the design, and the quality of the pigments that are used for the silk screening process.

  • How many times can you use a chiyogami origami paper?

  • These Chiyogami origami papers are available as free PDF downloads that can be used as many times as you wish. It is recommended that you use the high quality setting on your printer for best results, however. Also, look around your house for other paper ideas .

  • What kind of paper should I use for origami?

  • One of the most enjoyable parts of practicing origami is experimenting with the many different types of paper that are available. Japanese Chiyogami papers make especially beautiful backdrops for your favorite origami designs.

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