how to stretch watercolor paper

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How to Stretch Watercolor Paper The easiest and most traditional way of stretching watercolor paper is bywetting it either by submerging it or sponging it with water until it is evenly soaked and then taping it to a rigid surface. The paper will expand when it is wet, and then, it will dry taught because it is taped down.

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  • How do you stretch watercolor paper with tape?

  • Stretching Watercolor Paper. Lightly wet gummed paper tape or butcher tape with a sponge or paintbrush (do not soak or use too much water on the tape as it will wash away the adhesive). Place along all four outer edges of the paper, covering just about 鈥?of the paper. Let the paper dry overnight.

  • What do you use to stretch out paper?

  • Place on a Flat Stretching Surface Place the soaked paper on your stretching support 鈥?this can be a stretching board, gator board (a kind of foam board), or a medium-density fibreboard (MDF). Whatever support you use, it needs to be acid-free and solid enough to stay flat when the paper dries and shrinks.

  • How do you stretch a canvas stretcher?

  • A canvas stretcher is a simple wood frame in a rectangular or square shape. You staple canvas or paper around it to stretch it out. It should be slightly smaller than the paper you want to stretch. You can find them at arts and crafts stores. Place the canvas stretcher on top of the paper. Set the frame on the paper so that it’s fairly centered.

  • Should you stretch watercolor paper before painting?

  • So you鈥檝e found the perfect watercolor paper for your next project. Before you prep your palette and grab your brush, you may have to stretch it. Most watercolorists do so before painting, especially when using a thinner variety, as the process expands the fibers of the paper so it doesn鈥檛 buckle or warp.

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