how to sew paper together like a book

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  • How do you sew a book with a needle?

  • Repeat the process with each subsequent page for each hole. For a more sturdy book, loop your needle and thread around the stitch below the page you鈥檙e currently working on, starting on the third page. Once you鈥檝e threaded the paper, looped the thread, and hooked the needle under the first loop, thread the needle under the previous stitch.

  • How do you sew the final pages of your book?

  • I sew my final pages using 9鈥?x 12鈥?felt sheets 鈥?white for the front and colored or patterned for the back. If your pages are a different size you鈥檒l have to modify accordingly. Pin your design to the white felt. I put mine close to the right edge but leave about a half inch. Zigzag stitch around all four sides.

  • How do you sew a 2-page spread?

  • When I have a 2-page spread, I sew the right-hand page with steps 1 鈥?4. Sew the left-hand page like steps 1 鈥?4 but align everything to the left of the page instead of the right. Place the pages together, right sides facing. Sew over the far left seam, then make the same seams as in steps 5 鈥?7. Continue on to make your grommets.

  • Can you sew a hardcover book together?

  • Just make sure that your typed/printed content has a 1-inch (2.5cm) indent, so that you can sew/tape the book together. Thanks! Can you use cardboard for a hardcover book? Yes, cardboard is definitely the best material to use for a hardcover book.

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