how to roll a blunt without rolling paper

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  • Can you roll a blunt with notebook paper?

  • First of all, rolling a blunt is the same as a joint except for the wrapper. Whereas joints use rolling papers, typically similar to cigarette papers, a blunt uses tobacco wrapper taken from a cigar. Hence, by substituting with notebook paper, then whatever you rolled is anything but a blunt 鈥?technically.

  • What are the different blunt-rolling techniques?

  • There are two main blunt-rolling techniques: you can either use a cigar, hollow it out and craft your blunt, or you can purchase a blunt wrap which typically comes in various exotic flavours. How to Roll a Blunt (Beginner-Friendly)?

  • What do you need to roll a blunt?

  • Since you’ll have to grind your bud before rolling your blunt, it is best to also have a reliable grinder. To keep your work space tidy, a rolling tray will also come in handy. To roll and smoke blunts like a pro you will need a handful of key components.

  • How to roll your own Blunt weed?

  • Roll the wrap back and forth between your fingers to shape your weed and get rid of any odd air pockets (for even burning). Once your weed is shaped, roll your blunt from the bottom up like you would a joint, and seal it up by licking the top piece of your wrap and adhering it to the bottom.

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