how to remove color pencil from paper

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Masking tape

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  • How to erase colored pencils?

  • This method is an essential colored pencil drawing tips. The artist tape unlike other tape has less adhesive and, thus suitable for papers and erasing colored pencils. All you need is a piece of tape to apply to the area where the error is and lift the mistake off carefully. Pigments stick easily to the tape and will remove any mistake.

  • How do I remove pen marks from the paper?

  • Gently erase of the paper again with a regular pencil eraser. If there is still pigment left that you want to remove, repeat the entire process.

  • How do you erase tape with a pencil?

  • Gently put the strip of tape on the paper, and rub it gently. Do not rub too hard, it may damage the paper when you peel it off. Use a pen to write on the tape over the part you want to erase most thoroughly. By using a fine pointed stylus, like a pen, to put pressure on the tape you will encourage the colored pencil to stick to the adhesive.

  • How to remove markings from China pencils?

  • While thicker papers or glossy pages will be easier to clean, there is no fool-proof method to remove the markings. Here are several different ways the removal can be approached. Find the one that works best for your product. China pencils are composed of colored wax. Removing this wax can be approached in the same way as a candle wax stain.

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