how to remove color pencil from paper

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Masking tape

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  • How do you remove colored pencils from drawings?

  • While colored pencil is difficult to erase or remove using something like a normal pencil eraser, colored pencil can be removed from drawings using one of several simple methods. A specialized color pencil eraser is the best and most straight-forward solution, but you have other options as well.

  • Why is it so hard to erase colored pencils?

  • The reason it鈥檚 so difficult to erase colored pencil is because of the wax in its core.

  • How do I remove pen marks from the paper?

  • Gently erase of the paper again with a regular pencil eraser. If there is still pigment left that you want to remove, repeat the entire process.

  • Where can I buy a colored pencil eraser?

  • A colored pencil eraser can be bought at most stores: dollar stores, an arts and crafts store, etc. You should not need to pay more than about five dollars for a colored pencil eraser. A colored pencil eraser should work on all types and brands of colored pencil. 2

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