how to refill paper mate clearpoint mechanical pencil

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  • Are Paper Mate pencils refillable?

  • The great thing about Paper Mate pencils is that they have lead refills that you can use for all their pencils (except the Sharpwriter, which is not refillable, or any woodcase pencils). This way, you don鈥檛 have to keep buying new pencils repeatedly; you can refill the ones you have.

  • What is a Paper Mate profile mech pen?

  • Paper Mate Profile Mech These mechanical pencils combine the look and comfort of Profile pens with the performance and versatility of a pencil.

  • What is a Paper Mate Sharpwriter mechanical pencil?

  • The Paper Mate Sharpwriter Mechanical Pencil is the first one that Paper Mate produced. They were so successful that Paper Mate still makes them today! They are available in one color, yellow, and have a simple barrel. The tip of the pencil twists the lead out, and you can twist the lead back in to store it away.

  • What is the best mechanical pencil to buy?

  • If you want a cheaper mechanical pencil that writes accurately, the Paper Mate Write Bros. Precise Mechanical Pencil is terrific. It has 0.5mm lead, so it鈥檚 suitable for writing in small spaces where you need to add lots of detail. The eraser is smudge-free, so it keeps your paper looking neat.

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