how to refill paper mate clearpoint mechanical pencil

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  • Why Paper Mate Clearpoint color lead mechanical pencil refills?

  • Paper Mate Clearpoint Color Lead Mechanical Pencil Refills ensure you鈥檙e stocked with plenty of colorful leads and extra erasers for nonstop creative expression. Choose between six vibrant shades to give your writing a burst of colorful personality. And, the extra jumbo pencil erasers make do-overs easy. Vibrantly Erasable Color!

  • How many colors does Paper Mate have in refill?

  • Paper Mate Clear point Color Lead and Eraser Mechanical Pencil Refill packs stock you with plenty of supplies for nonstop note taking and creative expression. With your choice of three bright, erasable lead refill colors, your words will pop off the page like never before! Meanwhile, extra jumbo mechanical pencil erasers mean the party never stops.

  • What colors do Paper Mate pencils come in?

  • With your choice of pink, orange and purple, you’ll always have the perfect shade! Your set comes complete with three colorful 0.7mm lead refill packs. Specially designed for Paper Mate Clearpoint Color Lead Mechanical pencils, you enjoy nonstop writing.

  • How do you break a mechanical pencil in half?

  • After you have removed the top piece from the body of your mechanical pencil, turn over the back portion of the pencil and gently separate it into two halves. You should see a giant spring inside 鈥?this is what keeps your lead secure as you write.

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