how to refill paper mate clearpoint mechanical pencil

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  • What is a PaperMate Clearpoint pencil?

  • The Papermate Clearpoint is a mechanical pencil, which is known as the style of pencil that is refillable. The difference between this and other mechanical pencils is that it has no eraser holder. Instead, the eraser itself sits at the end, where you would ordinarily find an eraser on most pencils.

  • Why choose Paper Mate Clearpoint color lead mechanical pens?

  • Specially designed for Paper Mate Clearpoint Color Lead Mechanical pencils, you enjoy nonstop writing. Thanks to extra jumbo erasers and vibrantly erasable shades, dirty pages won鈥檛 stop the party. That means more memorable impressions and less mess.

  • Does Paper Mate come with eraser refills?

  • Say it in vibrant, erasable color and keep the good times going with plenty of extra leads and eraser refills. Paper Mate Clearpoint Color Lead and Eraser Mechanical Pencil Refill packs stock you with plenty of supplies for nonstop note taking and creative expression.

  • Are the Paper Mate pencils worth the money?

  • While the pencils are the same quality as the previous regular 0.7mm Paper Mate Clearpoint mechanical pencils, the color leads are certainly NOT value for money. Awesome! Life saver for math!

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