how to put contact paper on counters

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Lay a sheet of contactpaper on the counter. Line up the edge of the paper with the back edge of the counter,where it meets the wall. Use masking tape to hold the paper in place. Press the paper flat with your hands. If it is wide enough to cover the entire counter,cut off the excess with a utility knife. Lift one corner of the paper.

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  • How to apply contact paper on countertops?

  • How to apply contact paper on countertops 1 Clean surface 鈥?using household cleaner followed by rubbing alcohol 2 Apply 鈥?slowly peel back surface and apply 3 Smooth and remove bubbles 鈥?using a smoothing tool and pin. You can also use a hairdryer! 4 Cut off excess 鈥?using an X-acto knife.

  • What is contact paper and how do you use it?

  • What is Contact Paper? Contact paper is an adhesive paper typically made out of a vinyl material that you can stick onto surfaces. It鈥檚 commonly used as the lining for the inside of cabinet drawers. However, it can also be used to cover a variety of surfaces such as, my new personal favorite, countertops.

  • What are the pros and cons of contact paper countertops?

  • Contact paper countertop pros and cons. Pros of contact paper countertop: easy to install; inexpensive; easy to clean; easy to remove; Cons of a contact paper countertop: can look cheap; can bubble or tear if not installed properly; not as durable as a solid surface countertop

  • How do you stick contact paper to a wall?

  • Start in a back corner, where you can line up the edge of the contact paper with a straight wall. Peel the paper backing away about 6 inches, and stick it down. Run a smoothing tool (I used the one from my Silhouette machine, but you could use a credit card) over the contact paper to adhere it firmly to the surface.

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