how to print pictures using photo paper

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Place the inks and photo paper recommended by your printer manufacturer into your printer. 2 Open iPhoto and open the photo that you want to print. 3 Edit the photo as needed. When the photo looks right, choose Print from the File menu. 4 Click on Print Size in the Printer window to choose a size for your photo.

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  • How do I print on photo paper?

  • When printing the photos, purchase the photo paper of the size that you would like, then select the size from the print menu or on the printer itself, if it has an interactive screen. Load the photo paper into the tray of the printer.

  • How do I print quality photos with my HP printer?

  • Print quality photographs by using the correct paper and settings for your print job. Load compatible photo paper into your HP printer. If your printer has a separate photo paper tray, consult your user guide on how to print from the tray. Remove any plain paper from the main paper tray. Load the short edge of the photo paper into the tray.

  • What should I do with my photo paper after printing?

  • After printing, remove any photo paper from the tray and store it in the package it came in or in a plastic bag. If left in the tray for an extended time, the paper might start to curl. Print your photo from photo editing software after changing a few print quality settings.

  • How do I print large pictures on a printer?

  • Load the photo paper into the tray of the printer. There should be an instruction manual to point out where the paper tray is. If you don’t have the manual, these can often be found online with a quick Google search. You may have to purchase a special printer that can accommodate larger prints if that is what you desire.

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