how to print on glossy paper

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How to Print on Glossy PaperPurchase the glossy paper appropriate for your computer’s printer. What works in an ink-jet printer may not work in a laser printer.Clean the rollers on your printer before using glossy paper, or the rollers may have a hard time feeding the gloss paper through the printer.Feed the paper through the printer one page at a time. …See More….

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  • How do I set up glossy paper printer?

  • Glossy paper Printer setup Press the [Menu] key, Select [Paper Input], [Paper Type: (tray name)], and then select [Letterhead]. Printer driver setup Click [Glossy]in the [Paper Type:]list. Supported paper feeding tray Any input tray can be used. Make sure paper is not stacked higher than the upper limit mark () inside the tray.

  • Can you print on glossy paper in low humidity?

  • Because of the additional thickness and static electricity generated by gloss paper, two pages of glossy paper can easily stick together, especially during low humidity. Do not stack the glossy paper in your printer’s paper tray; feed one page at a time. Allow the printed paper to dry in the printer’s paper tray before removing.

  • How do I dry my glossy paper pages?

  • After your glossy paper pages are printed and taken out of the paper鈥檚 tray, place them on flat surfaces where they can dry further. Experts recommend that you do this before touching and inserting them into page protectors.

  • What is a glossy paper?

  • Glossy papers simply refer to special types of printing papers coated with polymers or a mixture of other materials to impart specific qualities (e.g., weight, smoothness, surface gloss, ink absorbency, etc.) to the papers. Before we can embark on printing on glossy paper, let us start by understanding various glossy papers.

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