how to make table football paper

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  • How do you fold paper footballs?

  • Make sure to press each continuous fold down with your bone folder. This tool helps keep your paper football project folded evenly. Grasp the bottom right edge point and fold to the left. Grasp the bottom right point and fold upwards so that the point is aligned with the top edge.

  • How do you put a triangle in a paper football?

  • Tuck the left side of your triangle into the center pocket. You may have to fold over the left bottom tip to get it to slide easily into the center pocket. It may also help to squeeze the inner pocket open a bit to give you more room to push the left side of the triangle into the paper football.

  • How much paper do you need to make a paper football?

  • Either way, the end result should be 2 tall strips of paper that are 4.25 inches (10.8 cm) wide and 11 inches (28 cm) tall. You will only need to 1 strip to create 1 paper football.

  • How do you kick a football with a paper?

  • To kick a field goal, place the football vertically, pressing one point with your index finger onto the surface. Hold it there to keep it steady, and when you are ready, flick the football with your free index finger towards the goal posts. Fold an 8 鈥?by 11鈥?sheet of paper lengthwise and cut the fold to make two half sheets.

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