how to make paper puppet with stick

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One super easy way is tocut a simple shape out of paper (like an oval for a face), then tape or glue it to the stick. Decorate your puppet by drawing on it, adding stickers or googly eyes, or gluing on decorations like yarn hair or sequins. Use the stick to move your puppet around.

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  • What do you need to make a puppet with a stick?

  • LUISA: We need a stick, coloured paper, a felt-tip pen, scissors, a glue stick and something round, like a glass or a tin. So, the first thing to do is to cut out two circles, like this one. Great! So this is the face. Now you can draw on eyes, a mouth 鈥?LUCA: OK! Eyes 鈥?a mouth. My puppet is very happy!

  • How do you make a puppet out of cardboard?

  • If you printed on paper, a stronger puppet can be made by gluing the cutout to cardboard or cardstock. First do a rough cut, and then glue the puppet to a piece of cardboard. After the glue dries, finish cutting the puppet.

  • How do you decorate a puppet with glue?

  • If you want your puppet to be all one color, you could even just trace on the same color paper and glue it to the back.) Step 3: Decorate Your Puppet. Add other features or decorate it with markers. I cut out and glued on some hair, and I drew a face and some clothes. Step 4: Glue on a Stick. Flip your puppet over and glue on one of your sticks.

  • What are printable puppets?

  • These printable puppets are unique in that you don鈥檛 cut them out to shape. They are cards which make them easier to cut but still totally usable as puppets! Did you also use paper bags to make puppets as a kid? I know I did! You can use paper favor bags if you prefer a colored base, or you can grab brown paper lunch bags for a blank palette.

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