how to make paper puppet with stick

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  • What do you need to make a puppet with a stick?

  • LUISA: We need a stick, coloured paper, a felt-tip pen, scissors, a glue stick and something round, like a glass or a tin. So, the first thing to do is to cut out two circles, like this one. Great! So this is the face. Now you can draw on eyes, a mouth 鈥?LUCA: OK! Eyes 鈥?a mouth. My puppet is very happy!

  • How do you make a puppet out of paper?

  • Squeeze the glue in dots or thin lines down the length of the paper. Avoid using too much or applying a thick layer or it will make the paper soggy. You can use white school glue or a glue stick to make your paper hand puppet.

  • What size do you glue puppets to a box?

  • The puppets were designed to be glued onto jumbo craft sticks (6 long and wide) while the house template was intended for a small box about 6 long and 3 wide (e.g. Pocky biscuit sticks box). Color and cut out the shapes. b.)

  • How do you make a puppet with moving arms?

  • You can make your puppet with moving arms if you happen to have brass fasteners lying around (I did), but if you don’t, you can just glue arms on your puppet and control it with the bottom stick only. I also happened to have bamboo skewers, but you could also use disposable chopsticks or sticks you go find from outside.

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