how to make paper puppet with stick

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  • How do you make a puppet out of sticks?

  • Start gluing the sticks together to form your puppet! I started with the dress. Apply glue to the front side of one end on one of your full red sticks. At a 45 degree angle, press the back side of the other full red stick into the glue to make an upside down V-shape.

  • How do you make arms on a paper puppet?

  • Flip your puppet over and glue on one of your sticks. Glue sticks won’t work for this; you’ll want some school or tacky glue. Let it dry completely. While it’s drying, you can make your arms! Step 5: If You Don’t Have Brass Fasteners, Glue on Arms. To make arms (or other appendages) that stay still, fold paper in half and sketch an arm shape.

  • What can I use to glue a puppet?

  • If you would like to have more texture, you can glue yarn, raffia, crepe paper strips, and other materials as the puppet’s hair. 5 Glue each body onto a craft stick.

  • How do you make paper puppets for kids?

  • Making your own paper puppets is super easy鈥攁nd super fun! All you鈥檒l need to get started is a piece of construction paper and some glue. Fold and glue the paper so that it slips onto your hand, then decorate it however you鈥檇 like, whether you want a doll, a dog, or even a monster.

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