how to make paper flying helicopter

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Paper Helicopter Instructions:Cut from the paper 3 same-sized stripes. If you are using origami paper, I recommend cutting stripes so that they are about inch wide. Fold all 3 stripes in half. Take two of the folded stripes and put one in the middle of the two flaps of the other.

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  • How to make a paper Helicopter for kids?

  • Instructions: 1 Print out the paper helicopter template . 2 Cut along the outside border of the helicopter. 3 (Optional) Have your kid create his/her own design on the helicopter. 4 Cut along the solid black lines (be careful to leave the dotted lines alone). 5 Fold panel B along the dotted line toward the center. More items…

  • How do you fold a helicopter to make it fly?

  • 1 Fold or twist a small point to the bottom of the helicopter. 2 Stick a paper clip into this bottom section (this adds weight to the helicopter鈥檚 body so that it will fly better). 3 Fold the wings down at an angle to the body of the helicopter. Straighten the wings back out so that they angle upwards… More …

  • How do you make a paper airplane?

  • The simplicity of design and consistency of flight will make this your go-to paper aircraft! Using the ruler, mark with a pencil the outline of a 4cm x 15cm rectangle. Cut out the outlined rectangle and discard remaining paper. Crease the rectangle down the center of the paper on the 15cm length side (see photo).

  • How do you attach a paper clip to a helicopter?

  • Attach the paperclip to the bottom of your helicopter. It should go over where you folded the length of your index card in half. Just slip it securely on the end. The paper clip is attached in order to give your helicopter a little weight.

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