how to make paper claws step by step with pictures

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How to Make Paper ClawsFind Some Paper. Take a piece of normal printer paper. Notebook paper works just as well. Note: Make sure that the paper is unmarked and …Fold the Paper.Fold Again.Fold the Bottom Corners.Fold the Bottom Portion of the Paper Up Onto the Top.See More….

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  • How do you make a claw out of paper?

  • To make an origami paper claw, start with a square piece of paper. Fold your piece of paper in half diagonally so you have a triangle. Then, fold the left side of the triangle down to the bottom side so you have a shorter, narrow triangle.

  • How do you fold a picture into a claws?

  • Position the paper vertically (portrait). You can use any type of paper you have lying around the house. If you want sturdier claws, then use thicker paper. Fold the top right corner over and down. Align the fold to the paper’s bottom. The left side of the sheet now has a point. Fold the point to the opposite corner.

  • How can I Make my origami claws more precise?

  • Make your folds as exact as possible. Consider using a paper folder or a ruler. Sharp, exact folds are the key to success in almost any origami projects. Thanks! This is hard. Your claws will get better and better the more you make them. Thanks!

  • How do I Make my claw more sturdy?

  • Be careful to line each fold with your imaginary pencil line. Make sure you keep each fold very tight and at the same angle. If the folds start to slant upwards, instead of staying aligned, the claw won’t be as sturdy.

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