how to make paper blinds

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  • How do you make pleated blinds for privacy?

  • Add a pull cord to the side of the shade so you can open and close the blinds for privacy. Measure the width of your window. Measure the length and add 20 per cent more length to accommodate the seams in the pleats. Cut the paper to your dimensions with scissors. Lay the paper flat on a worktable.

  • How do you fix paper blinds with wood slats?

  • Hot glue the wood scrap inside of the top and bottom folds of the paper blinds. Drill through both of the wood slat inserts and all of the paper blinds in one, clean pass. Do this within a few inches of both sides of the blinds. Run sturdy cord through your drilled hole a few inches longer than the length of your window.

  • How do you attach a shade to a paper blind?

  • Attach half of the self-adhesive Velcro to the top of the window. Apply the other half to the top of the paper blind. Attach the two Velcro pieces together to hang the shade. Raise the shade slightly by pulling the cord stopper up the cord and securing. If you prefer fabric shade, use a heavy-duty fabric that can be folded.

  • Can you put paper blinds on a window?

  • They are great for use in windows that you might not use or open very often, such as on or around your doors. With paper blinds, you can close your home off from your neighbor’s curious eyes or shade your living space from direct sunlight. These blinds are also great for use in rented homes because they are a short-term shade solution.

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