how to make fidget spinner with paper

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  • How to make fidget spinners from cardboard?

  • Here鈥檚 how to make fidget spinners from cardboard: Step One: Use a quarter to trace circles on a piece of cardboard. One circle should be in the middle with three circles surrounding it spaced evenly apart. Step Two: Connect each of the outside circles to the one in the middle.

  • How to make a fidget spinner with broken crayons?

  • Follow these steps to make your own fidget spinner: Step One: Pick out five to six broken crayons to use as the blades. Step Two: Create glue dots for each crayon on the outside of the ball bearing. Make sure they鈥檙e spaced far enough apart. Step Three: Stick the broken crayons on the glue dots with the tip sticking out.

  • How to use a toothpick as a fidget spinner?

  • In order for your fidget spinner to spin, there鈥檒l need to be room around the toothpick for it rotate freely. Wiggle the toothpick in a few small circles around the hole to loosen it. Hold each end of the toothpick between your thumb and index finger and flick the base to make sure it spins properly.

  • How do you measure a fidget spinner?

  • Use a ruler and a pencil to measure and mark the exact center of your fidget spinner. Get a toothpick and push it through the middle of the spinner base, so that the base is around halfway up the toothpick.

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