how to make captain america new shield with paper

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First,take the plate and the White paper. Now put the white paper on the plate and trace its boundary. Paste the white paper to form the first layer on the shield. Now, take the red paper and do the same step. (step 1 and 2) After that, take the compass and draw an inner equal boundary on red paper.

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  • How do you make a Captain America shield for a gift?

  • Print out a Captain America shield logo design in the size that corresponds to the tray or lid chosen. This will be your pattern. Cut the sections of the logo out of contact paper. (If you are using a lid with circle markings, you can skip this step.)

  • How do you determine the size of Captain America鈥檚 shield?

  • We need to determine the size of each concentric circle of Captain America鈥檚 shield. The easiest way to calculate the ideal size is to find a clipart version of the shield and resize it to fit the dimensions of your shield in a program like photoshop.

  • How do you make a star shield with contact paper?

  • Cover the smallest red circle with either contact paper or masking tape. Remove the tape or contact paper of the smallest circle section, leaving the star in place if you used a contact paper logo. (If not, cut a star out of contact paper and place it in the center of the shield.)

  • What is Captain America鈥檚 shield made of?

  • It is made of vibranium-iron alloy which disables it from ever losing its power. The shield is extremely durable and its molecular composition absorbs all of the energy coming from his opponents. Captain America often throws his shield off surfaces to hit tricky targets and has it bounce right back to him.

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