how to make a witch hat out of construction paper

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  • How do you make a paper witch hat?

  • Roll the paper into a cone, then secure the seam. Curl the straight edges of the paper together until they meet, then overlap them until you get a cone. The more you overlap the edges, the narrower the cone will be. Once you are happy with the size, tape, staple, or glue the seam together. Cut a brim and glue it on if you are making a witch’s hat.

  • How do you make a witches hat out of a cone?

  • Cut a brim and glue it on if you are making a witch’s hat. Stand the cone up on a sheet of paper and trace around the base. Set the cone aside, and trace around the circle to make a wider brim. Cut the bigger circle out, then cut the smaller circle out. Tape or glue the brim to the bottom of your cone.

  • How to make a paper cone hat?

  • How to Make a Paper Cone Hat 1. Choose paper that is twice as tall as the hat you want to make. For example, if you want your hat to be 12 inches (30… 2. Draw a semicircle on the paper. You can do this with a plate, compass, or a pencil tied to a piece of string. 3. Cut the semicircle out with …

  • How do you make a hat out of scrapbook paper?

  • Use double-sided adhesive to adhere the paper to the party hat. Place the party hat on the second sheet of scrapbook paper ( the double-sided paper) and measure out ~1 inch from the edge of the hat to see how wide the brim should be. It should be about 6 1/2 inches in diameter.

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