how to make a turkey with construction paper

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Cut feathers out of colored construction paper and glue them to the line drawingof a turkey. Cut the legs and feet out of a yellow piece of paper. Cut out a wattle from red construction paper. Glue everything to the construction paper turkey.

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  • Are construction paper turkeys cute and easy?

  • These Construction Paper Turkeys Are Cute And EasyThey Are The Perfect Thanksgiving Craft For Kids Of All Ages Including Preschool And Kindergarten. [鈥 [鈥 Related Content: 11 fun construction paper turkeys [鈥 [鈥 Related Content: 11 Construction Paper Turkey Crafts [鈥

  • How do you make a paper Turkey?

  • To make the paper turkey each student will need 1 brown or beige turkey body, 9 colored feathers, 1 yellow or orange beak and 1 red snood. Use card stock paper for the body and construction paper for the feathers, snood and beak. Glue the snood and beak on the brown body. Add the googly eyes above of the beak.

  • What can you do with a Turkey and paper Feather?

  • This PAPER FEATHERED TURKEY CRAFT AND SCISSOR PRACTICE is a great activity to have fun and build cutting skills this Thanksgiving. This is a printable turkey and paper feather craft that gives kids the chance to learn and be creative!

  • Is there a printable Turkey craft template for kids?

  • The printable turkey craft template is available in black and white for kids to colour in themselves or ready coloured. The paper feathers look great and give kids loads of opportunity to get snipping away with scissors which is so fun! Download your printable Thanksgiving turkey craft below and get cutting!

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